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Our FUNtastic products have multiple uses:

Crumbs Away for all the family

If you are constantly getting out the vacuum only to find another pile of crumbs appear in minutes then this is the product for you.  Save time and effort, our products sweep crumbs away in seconds and hand for all the family.

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Hobby Craft Collector

These handy gadget allows hobby crafters to collect and retrieve spilt hobby craft items, they do not take batteries of use electricity so always ready to use and a real must have accessory for every hobby crafter, they're sized to put in a hobby craft box.  Click here to find out more. 

Pet Hair Remover

As demonstrated and sold out at CRUFTs.  These amazing gadgets remove embedded pet hair.  If your pet hair is woven in and tuff to get out then this is the product for you.  It is also great for picking up other pet mess like caged pets, cat litter etc  click here to find out more.

Testimonials from our customers

Best thing I ever brought, so handy I use it everyday.

Julie Wood

Brought at CRUFTS and its perfect for getting rid of the pet hair on the sofa

Richard Slaney

The kids love using the crumbs away ladybird to tidy away their lego.

Amy Johnson

Brought as a gift for my mum and she loves it, she uses it on her stairs.

Helen Bostock

Perfect for when we are camping and caravanning. We use the caterpillar in the tent, and all round the caravan. Best of all it doesn't take batteries and it is slim so easy to store.