A ladybird double roller brush

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This FUNtastic double roller ladybird crumb brush is great for the home, with its novelty design and double rollers it will soon clear all your crumbs away.

  • No need to take the vacuum out - SAVE time & effort
  • No batteries, no plugs/electricity, no breakdowns. 
  • Quick and easy to use on your carpets, rugs, sofas, stairs, tablecloths
  • Great for cleaning up pet hair!!
  • Will sweep away crumbs, bits, paper, pet hair, seeds, saw dust, hay, gravel, sweets, peanuts, popcorn, also hand for picking up DIY screws, nuts, bolts, screws, Hobby craft jewellery beads, even lego! 
  • Handy to have for all the family
  • It's ladybird design means you can leave it out as an ornament then its always handy to when you need it
  • Encourages children to clean up their own mess, children love to see the crumbs disappear like magic
  • Environmentally friendly, a great product to teach children about the environment and of course save on the cost of batteries and electricity
  • Handheld size: 15cm x 6cm x10cm